Become who you truly are meant to be; get to know your shadow.

Trademarks of Kina Bergman

This is what it’s all about

FYSAP FREE YOUR SOUL AND PERSONALITY®: All experiences from your past incarnations – especially the painful and challenging ones – are emotionally rooted in your living being. They will hinder you from fulfilling your dreams and becoming who you truly are meant to be. Freeing your soul and personality from these blocks completely transforms your entire existence.
∼ Kina Bergman

The story behind the trademarks

Kina Bergman is a big-hearted, soul-connecting change agent with certifications within kinesiology and psychosynthesis therapy. She is a true free thinker, who designed her own unique method, FREEBLOCKING®, to help herself release blocks that did not serve her. She now uses this method to help others, by releasing their blocks so they can walk toward living their full potential.

Kina’s life story

Kina’s own life story includes a very lonely childhood and a nightmare divorce that lasted for nearly four years. Extreme, tough experiences that left deep marks and impressions and have taken her on a long journey of transformation. After four years of intense training to become a psychosynthesis therapist and loads of therapy hours, she discovered that her deepest wounds were still there. It was devastating, so much so that she didn’t know how to survive.

The question then came:

How on earth am I supposed to take back my power and be me? And just as importantly: How am I to help my clients with their deepest wounds if I can’t understand or heal my own?

Realizing that psychosynthesis, traditional therapy, or logical approaches would only take her so far, she kept searching for healing methods. She realized she had to explore unknown territory – the unconscious – and found kinesiology as a means of finding her own truth. As big changes often do, this step had a big impact on her. She finally made the decision, after years of hesitation, to leave her marriage.


How the trademarks were born

The time had come: It was that moment in life where she closed her eyes, followed her instincts, and leapt. The implications of this decision led her to realize that she once again needed to reconsider her acquired knowledge; this time, it was about kinesiology.

I did not understand the resistance I was exposed to in my nightmare divorce until the day I realized that I needed to (let go of what I’ve learned) dive into my soul’s bigger picture, the lives she has lived, the relationships she has traveled with, and the pain and struggle involved. I realized that many answers to my struggles and concerns in releasing my inner power were to be found in my past incarnations.


For nearly four years, her only mission was to clear up her present and past powerlessness:

It was the only way for me to survive my divorce – and to set myself truly free. The inevitable way forward was to identify and release one block after another. By understanding my soul’s bigger picture and journey, the relations she traveled with, the pain and struggle involved, I found my truth, power, and highest potential.

The challenges of her nightmare divorce were an opportunity for her to grow as a human being, but it was sometimes difficult for her to accept. She felt it more like a punishment (which in itself is true). The fact that she had chosen this path of life was another challenge for her to accept.

The HBP HOLOGRAPHIC BIO-PSYCHOSYNTHESIS® approach has it’s roots in humanistic and transpersonal psychology and offers a complete method that includes body, mind, and soul perspectives. The method is called FREEBLOCKING®. The holographic view mirrors the aspect that everything in the universe is a whole, of which all parts are interdependent. Therefore, this aspect must be considered when healing, as all of us are part of the universe and its laws.

By far the most important journey

Kina’s own journey has given her answers to many existential questions and given her meaning beyond everything else.

The challenge is to have the courage to travel through the painful incarnations of the soul, to resist the opposition and opinions of others because you walk your way, to dare to free yourself from what no longer serves you, and to dare to look beyond the known. The reward is to become who you truly are meant to be and be able to LIVE your truth and highest potential.

As a FREEBLOCKER® coach, Kina advocates for a more compassionate world, and she is determined to treat the root causes of our blocks and personal issues, not just the symptoms. She releases blocks from this life – and past ones – with lasting results.

Releasing her blocks has been by far the most important and most challenging journey for Kina. She is continuing her journey and meeting the obstacles (life lessions) along the path of life, but now at a more comfortable pace.

FREEBLOCKING® is a revolutionary and powerful method of healing our wounds regardless of origin and cause, with permanent results.

[Understanding] The history of your soul – the incarnations she has been traveling through, her relations, the pain and struggle involved – is the doorway toward your freedom and full potential.
∼ Kina Bergman

The purpose of FYSAP FREE YOUR SOUL AND PERSONALITY®, HBP HOLOGRAPHIC BIO-PSYCHOSYNTHESIS® and FREEBLOCKING® is to create a synthesis in our personality. We can release the old roles that no longer serve us by considering the universe and its laws and including our past incarnations when healing. To become who we truly are meant to be, with less effort and more energy.
∼ Kina Bergman


FREEBLOCKING® = fewer obstacles + greater freedom

What are blocks?

Blocks are what – unconsciously – direct and limit us in our lives. They are the bumps in the road. The glass wall you keep walking into. The invisible rope that keeps you going in circles. What makes you adapt to the social pressure and its unspoken rules without questioning or feeling what is true for you.

I love the logic of Black Swans.

Centuries ago most of us believed that all swans were white. Until the day we found Australia and new empirical evidence. The author Nassim Nicolas Taleb says it so magnificently:

Our blindness to randomness, the unpredictable, and the unknown keeps us focused on pennies when we should be seeing dollars… [Black Swan logic] illustrates a severe limitation to our learning from observations or experience and the fragility of our knowledge.

By discovering the Black Swans, the world suddenly got richer. It’s a reminder to reset our mindset (to the truth) – and look beyond what we know.

Become who you truly are meant to be; get to know your shadow.

Our life is the cumulative effect of significant events from our soul’s historical past – dive into what you don’t know [about you] and discover what could be, like Black Swans.
∼ Kina Bergman

We tend to analyze the future based on our experiences of the past, and we predict and influence what we would like to see happen. But life is also about getting to know yourself and LIVE your truth. Much of our perception is based on what we know rather than the unknown. When we do that we miss out on the bigger picture. Just like the existence of black swans were unknown and unpredictable. Much of who you are and could be will be discovered in unknown territory. Kina’s unique method FREEBLOCKING® allows you to dive into the small details that have a life-changing impact (for many): your incarnations and old beliefs. Here lies the blocks that are holding you back from being who you truly are. And more importantly, here is the key to unleashing your full potential.


My mission is to help as many people as possible to experience greater freedom, so that they can move toward who they really are meant to be. Everyone that wants to LIVE their truth.


I would love to revolutionize the approach to achieving mental and physical well-being, and bringing a sense of well-being to the soul.


I subscribe to a way of living that includes human equality, respect for nature and animals, justice, freedom, authenticity, truth, courage, simplicity and a holographic approach in life. I apply my values and philosophy in all my work and my private life.

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, forest, Almunge, Sweden

Forest, Almunge, Sweden

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, Magasinet, Almunge, Sweden

Magasinet, Almunge, Sweden

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, New York, USA

New York, USA