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Disclaimer of responsibility and results

The statements of results, recommendations, and references on this website are and pertain to exceptional and individual results and are not intended to suggest that every person will achieve the same result. The texts only represent a description and presentation of our products and services and their potential, for marketing purposes.

[Kinas Kraftkälla] thus has no way of knowing the outcome for you personally and/or for your company when using our products or services, as we do not know you, your will to change, your background, your work ethic, your experiences, or your professional skills. Therefore, we do not guarantee or imply specific results of our products and services, but ask you to acknowledge that the results are individual and dependent on the client’s efforts and engagement as well as willingness to implement changes, ability to cooperate, and the will to take action.

Each’s individuals success depends on their wishes, will to change, commitment, effort, and motivation to work and to follow programs and advice. There are no guarantees that you will achieve any of the results presented here. Your results are thus dependent on and ruled by your background, your will to change, your history and experience, how deep you want to explore and work, and what you want to achieve.

The number of sessions needed to achieve your goals is also determined by your history and background, what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve your goals or the change. Investing in yourself for a more extended time will help you find your way to your dream. By utilizing the products or services of [Kinas Kraftkälla], you accept that all successes depend entirely on your efforts and involvement.

For whom is the FREEBLOCKING® method ideal?

[Kinas Kraftkälla] works exclusively with psychologically healthy individuals who are ready to invest in themselves and want a positive and lasting change in their lives, who want to become better leaders, who want to fulfill their dreams but feel hindered, who want to heal their wounds, and who want to free their true motivation and strength.

[Kinas Kraftkälla] does not work with clients in need of psychiatric care. [Kinas Kraftkälla] has the right to refuse services to these clients. 

In cases where the client was not aware of the need for psychiatric care and the need does not emerge from the answers to the questions [Kinas Kraftkälla] asks when booking the session, or if the client deliberately withholds information about their need for psychiatric care and this emerges during the session, [Kinas Kraftkälla] has the free right to immediately terminate the session and en ongoing client relationship.

[Kinas Kraftkälla] reserves the right to, without justification, refuse assignments or terminate an ongoing course of services unless otherwise agreed in the individual case.

Intellectual property

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Communicating online

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Exclusion of Liability

[Kinas Kraftkälla] is not responsible for damage caused by any circumstance that [Kinas Kraftkälla] does not have or may have been expected to count on and which prevents or substantially obstructs the performance of assignments or the provision of our products or services.

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  6. Lost data.
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Personal Information and Privacy

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