Become who you truly are meant to be; get to know your shadow.

Ethics and values


I subscribe to a way of living that includes human equality, respect for nature and animals, justice, freedom, authenticity, truth, courage, simplicity and a holographic approach in life. I apply my values and philosophy in all my work and my private life.

The purpose of FYSAP FREE YOUR SOUL AND PERSONALITY®, HBP HOLOGRAPHIC BIO-PSYCHOSYNTHESIS®, and FREEBLOCKING® is to create a synthesis in our personality. We can release the old roles that no longer serve us by considering the universe and its laws and including our past incarnations when healing. To become who we truly are meant to be, with less effort and more energy.
∼ Kina Bergman

Morals and ethics

When we talk about following rules and doing what is right we are referring to morals. Ethics, however, are deeper than morals. It’s about living according to good morals. Truthful and good morals refer to our higher purpose, our spiritual nature from where our actions truly serve others for the higher good and in their best interests. For all human beings, animals, and nature.

Looking at them from a holographic and universal perspective, morals and ethics build on nature’s higher laws, the spiritual laws. When people don’t live moral and ethical lives, it’s because we are stuck in the magnetic pull of our soul’s historical past and the unconcious from where we act upon old beliefs. It does not serve us or anyone else. The mental and emotional problems must be taken care of before we can live a moral and ethical life. By releasing our blocks, which no longer serve us, we can become who we truly are and unfold our full and true potential.

The approach HBP HOLOGRAPHIC BIO-PHSYCHOSYNTHESIS® is based in humanistic and transpersonal psychology and offers a comprehensive method that includes body, mind, and soul perspectives. The method is called FREEBLOCKING®, where we use kinesiology as a doorway to the truths within the unconscious psyche. The holographic view mirrors the aspect that everything in the universe is a whole, of which all parts are interdependent. Therefore, this aspect must be considered when healing, as all of us are part of the universe and its laws. Synthesis means combining separate elements in order to form a coherent unit. When including past incarnations in who we are and release blocks from these negative past and unconscious experiences, we create a synthesis in our personality and become who we’re truly meant to be. It means releasing all the old roles that do not serve you any longer. You become clearer in who you are, and can be yourself in all contexts – all with less effort and more energy.

A person with high moral and ethical standards can follow the higher and true purpose – that is driving her. This inner compassion and intuitive insight produce harmony beyond anything else. Alternatively, if we were to define rules on ethics and morals (which are difficult for many people to live up to), it would require extreme uniformity and adaptation to that particular morality.

Ethics is not a spectator sport. Ethics cannot be written down in bullet points for people to follow. Therefore I don’t do this part of my work with clients. Ethics come alive only when we begin to openly discuss the issues that matter most to us – all of us. These discussions must be based on the truth and lead to actions that truly serve others: compassionate human actions and long-term sustainability for our planet and all living creatures in our holographic universe – including you.


This is what it’s all about

FYSAP FREE YOUR SOUL AND PERSONALITY®: All experiences from your past incarnations – especially the painful and challenging ones – are emotionally rooted in your living being. They will hinder you from fulfilling your dreams and becoming who you truly are meant to be. Freeing your soul and personality from these blocks completely transforms your entire existence.
∼ Kina Bergman


My mission is to help as many people as possible to experience greater freedom, so that they can move toward who they really are meant to be. Everyone that wants to live their truth.


I would love to revolutionize the approach to achieving mental and physical well-being, and bringing a sense of well-being to the soul.


I subscribe to a way of living that includes human equality, respect for nature and animals, justice, freedom, authenticity, truth, courage, simplicity and a holographic approach in life. I apply my values and philosophy in all my work and my private life.

Roberto Assagioli

The Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974) was the founder of psychosynthesis or bio-psychosynthesis, as he called it first. Assagioli (1967)1 realized the necessity of including the body (hence “bio), as he understood the close ties that knit body and psyche and the reciprocal actions and reactions between them.


1 Assagioli, Roberto (1967) Psychosomatic Medicine and Bio-Psychosynthesis, Issue #21, Psychosynthesis Research Foundation.

Just like the annual growth rings form the tree, we too develop our personality based on our ages and life events.

Psychosynthesis – values

The educational and therapeutic process of psychosynthesis strives to facilitate development, integration, a deeper authenticity, and realization of the Self. This process takes place in a context that includes contact with the I and expresses greater autonomy, choices, and creativity; a harmonization with more profound, higher values; and increasing expression of purpose and meaning on a humanitarian, transpersonal universal level. The practitioner has a responsibility to fulfill these purposes and at the same time protect the dignity, integrity, and best interest of the client.

The fundamental values of psychosynthesis include:

  • Holding a transpersonal perspective that gives meaning to the client´s circumstances. In this context, the therapeutic process is only one aspect of a larger journey that individuals undertake in their quest for the awakening and transformation of consciousness.
  • Understanding that the client is most essentially a Self, a Being who has a purpose in life and is on a path of unfoldment that includes challenges and obstacles of a psychological nature. This process requires a bifocal vision.
  • Supporting the client through the evocation and development of the will, and enlarging possibilities and choices regarding their inner growth and outer behavior.
  • Acknowledging, valuing, and dealing with personal concerns and suffering, whether mental, emotional, or transpersonal.
  • Facilitating human development within the frame of the client´s own deepest desires and life choices. Nourishing an experience of a personal I and a transpersonal Self that is meaningful for the client.
  • Appreciating the diversity in human knowledge and culture.
  • Viewing each client as a unique individual with their own set of needs and resources.
  • Supporting clients as they find their place in their network of relationships and society.
  • Respecting human rights and dignity.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the relationship and interaction between practitioner and client.
  • Improving the quality of relations between people.
  • Improving the quality of professional knowledge and its application.
  • Increasing personal efficiency.
Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, forest, Almunge, Sweden

Forest, Almunge, Sweden

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, Magasinet, Almunge, Sweden

Magasinet, Almunge, Sweden

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, New York, USA

New York, USA