Your blocks are old energy that keep you from freeing your soul and personality

See anything that resonates with you?

  • Do you feel something or someone is holding you back in your private life or professional worklife?
  • Do you long to get more out of life, but don’t know what exactly?
  • Are you struggling with your motivation to reach your goals even though you know what you want?

I help you release your blocks by connecting to your soul and removing beliefs from this and past lives that no longer serve you. I will do it when you are ready, understand the pattern it has created, and have the commitment and the will to change. That way, you can walk toward becoming who you truly are meant to be. And take a step toward the life you truly want to live and dream about.

Your blocks are not just a hindrance; they are also your greatest potential

You are meant to learn, grow, and fly. Blocks are old energy from the past that makes you repeat the same thing, even though it no longer serves you. Blocks are beyond our logical minds and lead us to behave irrationally. They are old beliefs, fears, painful and negative memories from this and past incarnations, as well as inherited patterns from your family and ancestors. 

Tree trunks, branches, and leaves form the foundation of a forest, but their communication happens not only in the air but deep below our feet in an incredibly dense, complex network of roots and chemical signals. Just like the trees and the forest, we too connect and communicate based on what is hiding below the visible ground through our soul’s historical past and the unconscious. Here we can access the bigger picture and find the root cause of our issues. There is so much communication and insight hidden here, and if we don’t tune into that, we miss out on the truth – and true solutions.

Freeing your soul and personality involves releasing the limiting factors that hinder you from becoming who you truly are meant to be. You get to the root cause of your issue – regardless of its origin and with permanent results.

Now you can step into your true potential and power.




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FYSAP FREE YOUR SOUL AND PERSONALITY®: Feeling stuck? Tired of pain or fear holding you back? Do you play different roles in different contexts? It’s time to release your blocks.

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This is what it’s all about

The purpose of FYSAP FREE YOUR SOUL AND PERSONALITY®, HBP HOLOGRAPHIC BIO-PSYCHOSYNTHESIS®, and FREEBLOCKING® is to create a synthesis in our personality. We can release the old roles that no longer serve us by considering the universe and its laws and including our past incarnations when healing. To become who we truly are meant to be with less effort and more energy.
∼ Kina Bergman

Become who you truly are meant to be; get to know your shadow.

Become who you really are meant to be; get to know your shadow

We can never escape from ourselves; our shadow follows us through life. Our shadow carries painful and challenging experiences from this and past lives. And, it determines how we relate to ourselves and others in this life. We can walk toward our truth and highest potential by getting to know our shadow (the historical past of our soul and the unconscious).

[Understanding] The history of your soul – the incarnations she has been traveling through, her relations, the pain and struggle involved – is the doorway toward your freedom and full potential.
∼ Kina Bergman

I love the logic of Black Swans.

Centuries ago most of us believed that all swans were white. Until the day we found Australia and new empirical evidence of an unimagined color in swans. The author Nassim Nicholas Taleb says it so magnificently:

“Our blindness to randomness, the unpredictable, and the unknown keeps us focused on pennies when we should be seeing dollars… [Black Swan logic] illustrates a severe limitation to our learning from observations or experience and the fragility of our knowledge.”

By discovering the Black Swans, the world suddenly got richer. It’s a reminder to reset our mindset (to the truth) – and look beyond what we know.

Our life is the cumulative effect of significant events from our soul’s historical past – dive into what you don’t know [about you] and discover what could be, like Black Swans.
∼ Kina Bergman

We tend to analyze the future based on our experiences of the past, and we predict and influence what we would like to see happen. But being human is also about getting to know yourself and LIVING life. Much of our perception is based on what we know rather than the unknown. When we do that we miss out on the bigger picture, just as the existence of black swans was unknown and unpredictable. Much of who you are and could be will be discovered in unknown territory. Kina’s unique method, FREEBLOCKING®, allows you to dive into the small details that have a life-changing impact (for many): your incarnations and old beliefs. Here lie the blocks that are holding you back from being who you truly are. And more importantly, here is the key to unleashing your full potential.

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, forest, Almunge, Sweden

Forest, Almunge, Sweden

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, Magasinet, Almunge, Sweden

Magasinet, Almunge, Sweden

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, New York, USA

New York, USA