Set yourself free – and embrace being limitless and light.

Set yourself free

– and embrace being limitless and light

This is how you begin your journey – and how you’ll get results that last.

Just fill in the form, and Kina will get back to you within 48 hours.

I do not work with clients who require psychiatric care. For this reason I will ask you a few questions when you book your session to see if I am the right person to help you. Read FAQ and ”For whom is the FREEBLOCKING™ method ideal?” and Disclaimer for more information.

I accept clients online and at my farm in Almunge, about an hour’s drive northeast of Stockholm. Please note that this is done with physical meetings at my farm when we are working on releasing blockages. You will get directions when booking.

You will find prices and cancellation rules under Contact and Prices.

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Those who walk the path of life, face the obstacles, and release their blocks will become truly freer. Everything requires work. The commitment and will to change governs the process. You become clearer in who you are, and can be yourself in any contexts all with less effort and more energy.

∼ Kina Bergman

We know why you are here:

  • You long to get rid of the pain that is limiting you so that you can feel at ease – just being you
  • You are looking for a solution that does not ask you to devote ALL your time to therapy – and offers results that last
  • You wonder how it would feel if life were EASY
  • You have not considered seeking help yet because you fear your painful memories will reappear and remain
  • You wish you had a better self-confidence, and long to feel appreciated and loved
  • You’ve tried everything that therapy offers – with little or no results – and are open to methods that challenge logic

100% value if you:

  • Have tried everything but still do not see lasting results
  • Have worked with your rational knowledge and efforts, but still do not accomplish what you want
  • Experience uncontrollable emotions that take over in spite of your coping tools
  • Are ready to invest in yourself and want a positive and lasting change in your life
  • Are ready to go in-depth (about yourself), and have the will to change and the commitment that entails
  • Believe in reincarnation, are open to reincarnation or are just interested in the results, no matter what your beliefs are

The Reflection Guide will take you closer to flying

Sign up today. Take the first step toward your freedom with tips and offers from Kina + your Reflection Guide 7 steps: Identify your blocks and the key to your full potential.

The more you know about yourself and the more work you do between sessions, the better Kina can help you. The Reflection Guide will help you to dive into the cause of your blocks.

Register today for your free Reflection Guide ”7 steps: Identify your blocks and the key to your full potential”.
Through our souls history and the unconcious we can access the bigger picture.

Just as the forest consists of trees and the communication happens not only in the air but in a network of roots, we too connect and communicate based on what is hiding below the visible ground through our soul’s historical past and the unconscious. Here we can access the bigger picture – and find the root cause of our issues.

∼ Kina Bergman

We are so used to acting on what we see when we interact with other people – just as we only see the tree, and not the communication that happens below the visible ground in an incredibly dense, complex network of roots and chemical signals. The foundation for all people is the hidden communication in our soul’s historical past and the unconscious. There are so many insights and communication hidden here: if we don’t tune into them, we miss out on the truth – and true solutions.

Kina’s unique method, FREEBLOCKING®, offers a way out of the maze of symptoms without having to remain in the pain. She knows what pain is, as she too has been in dark places. Kina knows what it takes and will invite you on a safe journey to release your pain – with respect and care.

Her method gets to the root cause of issues – no matter the origin and cause. And by going beyond the known and visible, you tap into the bigger picture of your soul’s past painful experiences and beliefs, which are limiting you in this life. You get to the root causes of your issues.

When you are ready, and have the commitment and the will to change, we release your blocks with permanent results. And can take the next step toward your true potential and power.

As a Malay proverb says:
Only a tree with strong roots laughs at storms.

You’ve probably tried many other methods and tools, but still feel limited

There are many great approaches and tools out there. But they will only bring you so far, if your blocks are still limiting or sabotaging you.

And it’s hard to accept just coping rather than getting rid of

The good news is that you do not have to live or cope with your issue (endlessly). Not if you address your issue as symptoms and get to the root cause of it. What we experience as blocks are exactly that: symptoms. Blocks are camouflaged and tricky. That’s why it can be difficult to identify the block and get to the root cause on your own.

The effect: you stay stuck, frustrated and limited

No matter what your challenge is, you are not alone. We are all here to learn, grow and fly. You might be facing blocks such as:

  • You long to get more out of life, but don’t know what exactly
  • You are tired of limitations dominating your life, and wish life were easy and dream about a blissful you
  • You struggle with a limiting issue in certain contexts, like sadness, anxiety, pain, rage, fear or self-limiting beliefs and even though treatment has helped, you are stuck coping with this issue
  • You know there is something bigger and better for you in life, but have no idea what
  • You feel lonely and long to build lasting, heart-warming relationships
  • You feel something or someone is holding you back in your private or your professional life
  • You tend to forget yourself while nurturing others and loosing yoyr energy
  • You feel disconnected to yourself and play different roles in different contexts
  • You dream of having more self-confidence, and to feel wanted, needed and loved – in all areas of life

You can do two things

1. Work on your challenges alone or in other contexts – as you might have already tried. Warning: you might get the same results. And it is tough to walk the path alone.

2. Choose a new approach that challenges logic and gives results that last. Yes you are taking a chance, but you will be able to evaluate the effect – maybe it is not for you. Or maybe it will change your life (as it has for many).

Choose a new approach that challenges logic and that gives reslusts that last.
Book a soul session and discover the benefits with the FREEBLOCKING™ method.


FREEBLOCKING® = fewer obstacles + greater freedom

Getting started is simple: decide. choose. book.

1. Two-hour soul session

Initial outline of what you want to achieve (and overcome)

In this first two-hour session, you get to meet Kina and understand how the FREEBLOCKING® method works and your commitment. And Kina gets to meet you and understand your background, challenges, and beliefs.

  • What is your issue/challenge?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • What is stopping you from doing it?
  • What is it costing you to be hindered?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What would it mean to you to achieve this?
  • How could Kina’s method help you?
  • What would the process look like moving forward?
  • Book a new session if it’s a good fit for both parties

2. 5 x soul sessions (two hours each)

Release yourself from what no longer serve you (and walk home lighter)

During every power session, Kina works with your challenges and beliefs that you bring to the table. Your needs, starting point, engagement, and will to change governs the process. The more you know about yourself and the more work you do between sessions, the better Kina can help you. The Reflection Guide will help you to dive into the cause of your blocks.

Through dialogue and muscle testing (when you are ready):

  • You connect with the emotional tension related to the block
  • Get insights into the beliefs and experiences behind the block
  • Get verification on the incarnation related to the block
  • Get insights into how your life has been affected by this block
  • Release the block entirely – with permanent results
  • Test and get confirmation the block is gone
A lightness toward being you.

After sessions with Kina, you can expect:

  • Insight (into who you are) and fewer obstacles on the path toward what you really want
  • The ability to execute on your desires and goals with less resistance
  • No resistance that formerly held you back on that issue
  • A lightness toward being you and doing what is important to you
  • To feel instant relief in having released the block
  • And feeling a blissful distance to the released block

Who is your FREEBLOCKER® coach? Meet Kina:

Your FREEBLOCKER® coach is Kina Bergman, who has years of experience serving and setting both herself and clients free of blocks, based on historical beliefs. The work has no limits – like Kina’s FREEBLOCKING® method.

Kina is a big-hearted, soul connecting change agent with certifications within kinesiology and psychosynthesis. She is a true free thinker who has designed her own unique method, FREEBLOCKING®, to help herself release blocks that didn't serve her. She now uses this approach to help others, by releasing their blocks so that they can walk toward living their full potential.

She believes in making the impossible possible. She has her own experience and witnesses it every day in her practice. Her holographic approach to personal development includes body, mind and soul perspective. She is known for her rare talent to tap into the small details that have a massive life-changing impact (for many).

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, forest, Almunge, Sweden

Forest, Almunge, Sweden

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, Magasinet, Almunge, Sweden

Magasinet, Almunge, Sweden

Kina Bergman and Kinas Kraftkälla, New York, USA

New York, USA